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The Aechmea Primera expert

Benefita is a modern and leading company specialised in the cultivation of Aechmea Primeras.

How to use the "Smart flowerclip"

The company makes use of organic cultivation techniques, allowing the plants to grow very naturally. These organic cultivation techniques produce heavier plants with more leaves. The leaves are shorter and broader, making our Aechmea Primeras more compact. Our beautiful plant, "Nature’s Pride" is the result of these practices. Its flower is large (Ø >15cm) and is more vibrantly coloured.

Our Aechmea Primeras are top-quality as they are, but Benefita will continue to refine them. Thanks to our innovative cultivation techniques, we have produced a very interesting new product: the “Benefita” . The Benefita has a flower that grows to a diameter of >20cm!

For sales related questions, please contact, Peter van Luijk (+31 (0)642783127). Information is only available to wholesalers/exporters associated with FloraHolland.