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Benefita's Aechmea Primeras

Innovation, and product modernization and improvement are priorities at Benefita.

There are three types of Aechmea Primeras in our range:

Brix measurements, which are used to check the sugar levels in the plant's leaves, are taken so that we can continue to improve our products. Sugar levels are the most important indicator of whether a plant is weak or strong. Benefita only allows plants to be dispatched for sale when they can be guaranteed to have a high Brix value. This ensures that the plant has sufficient energy to allow the flower to blossom optimally.

Thanks to years of experience and our involvement with the marketing and development of our high-quality products, we are able to cater properly to the wishes of our customers.

We prefer to deliver Aechmeas when they reach stage 2.5 or 3. However, we will deliver Aechmeas at different stages where desired, as the wishes of the customer are our priority.

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