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A company for the future

Benefita is located in Naaldwijk. The premises there have a total area of 18,000m2.

Benefita employs expert and motivated members of staff and is able to deliver top-quality Aechmeas throughout the year.

The Production Process
Socially responsible production is an absolute prerequisite in our production processes. Thanks in part to our automatic systems, we provide optimal working conditions. Our greenhouses have been constructed and arranged with energy conservation in mind.

Additionally, we use organic plant protection products, which results in natural growth and a high-quality product. The use of organic cultivation techniques makes the Aechmeas more vigorous and better resistant to disease and moulds. This in turn means that we make very little use of pesticides, which is good for the environment.

After years of experimentation, we have discovered that the use of organic products containing nutritional supplements, trace elements and minerals produces the best results for the plants and the environment.